Miss Understood

This is my first book. Set on both Kelleys and Johsons Island, this young adult mystery provides those who are passionate about reading and sleuthing a great adventure. Many people don’t think of this area of the country in Ohio a mysterious place, but they will be pleasantly surprised.

With it’s frigid Winters juxtaposed against absolutely gorgeous Summers, Kelleys Island offers both visitors and residents a place that is so unique and magical to explore. With its Midwest charm and dozens of fun thin

gs to do like glacier exploration, swimming, biking, ice skating in the Winter and robust partying, Kelleys is a place that you will want to check out.

On Johnsons Island there is a prison that represents the core of this first book I ha

ve written. What makes it fascinating are the stories that I have found about the 10,000 soldiers interred there during the Civil War, 1861-1865. Surprisingly out of 10,000 soldiers used to a much more temperate climate, only 300 soldiers died during the time they were imprisoned at Johnsons Island. This is not to say they did not experience the pain that prison brings but they also were creative which surprised me.

One story I read was that there was a group who wrote and performed in their own plays. They called themselves “Rebel Thesbians.” It’s amazing to see the human spirit expressing itself even in times of such severe darkness. I’ll share more about a place and a time that we must pull up through time and review to help us make sure we never divide ourselves in such a way ever again.


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