Miss Understood and the Case of the Missing Locket: Introducing Three of the Characters

Who are the other characters in this upcoming book that takes place on Kelley’s Island? Here is a rundown:

  • Ashley: a perky, brown-haired, brown-eyed, seven-year-old who is always right about everything. She is the twin of Kylie and the older sister to Lindsey. Ashley is a true leader and makes sure the other kids in her ¬†five-room classroom know it. She is bossy at times, but, most of the time, the other kids let her lead because she is very clever. She becomes a favorite of Mrs. Pink and is always willing to listen to Andrea’s stories of growing up and attending Mrs. Pink’s “History Mystery School” during her Summers as a child.
    • Kylie: Ashley’s seven-year-old twin with blondish-brown hair and twinkling eyes, wears glasses and is much quieter than either Ashley or Lindsey. As a twin to Ashley she is alway near her sister, but she also comes up with surprising ideas when no one expects it. She is one of those kids who is able to pull together lots of ideas and see things that others don’t necessarily see as they are looking more at the parts of a puzzle rather than the whole. She is a confidante to her sister, Ashley, sharing with her the many insights she has that she knows Ashley will be able to assess and come with new ideas. Unlike Ashley, though, Kylie spends more time reading books. Ashley tends to spend more time talking with others to learn what she needs to know for both school and solving mysteries. But Kiley’s book reading and knowledge comes up handy again and again.
      • Lindsey: Little Lindsey, as she is called, is the typical “little sister.” She feels left out often but she is very strong willed and makes sure her voice is heard whenever she is with her fellow classmates. Because she has been a sidekick to her two twin sisters, she has grown up quickly. She doesn’t let anything stop her from achieving a goal . . . if she has one. One of the things that Lindsey loves the most is learning so she is constantly talking with Mrs. Pink and Andrea, asking them the most unique questions about history. She is one of the smartest 6 year olds Andrea has ever seen and she looks forward to see what Lindsey comes up with on a daily basis as she is just filled with surprises!

      Next post I’ll share about more of the characters.

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