I’ve written fourteen books over the past 15 years, most have been about business.  Now, I’ve decided, it’s time for a change, and so I’m developing a series of young-adults books with the overall title MissStories. I’m calling the first book in the series Miss Understood and the Case of the Missing Angel.

Let me explain a bit.

The heroine of my stories is a girl named Andrea Underwood, or “Miss Understood,” as she’s playfully nicknamed by Mrs. Pink.  And who is Mrs. Pink?

Mrs. Pink is the real-life muse behind my book.  She’s an exceptional lady who lives in a “cottage in the sky,” as she puts it, in Chicago, Illinois.  When I once asked her just how old she is, Mrs. Pink replied, “Why, dear girl, I am older than your shoes!”  In my “MissStories” I imagine Mrs. Pink running a kind of mystery school for a very small group of children every summer. In the first book of the series, Andrea Underwood becomes a student of Mrs. Pink’s, who very quickly dubs her “Miss Understood.” She is also a character in my books. She is truly a modern day Miss Marple.

In upcoming entries here at my blog, you’ll learn more about Andrea, Mrs. Pink, and the story itself.   But to write my book I’m going to need your help.

I started writing it with the help of my very dear friend Tonja.  Tonya has three wonderful kids, and I asked her to get them involved in working on the book with me.  She did, and they did, and they’ve been great in helping me create a story line.  Collaborating with them has been very exciting.

But even more exciting will be collaborating with you—I want to get you involved, too.  Please—please!—send me your ideas for how the story should progress.  If I use your suggestions, you’ll get a credit in the book. So—e-mail me at melissa@networlding.com with your ideas, okay?

And once the book gets published, a percentage of whatever it earns will be going to not-for-profit organizations that help inspire and educate young people like you.  I’d like to think of my “MissStories” as a wonderful opportunity for us all!

I have loved to write ever since I can remember. When I was ten I had a favorite Tiger Paw Maple desk that my father gave me one year for my birthday. Here, I would spend hours writing stories at my desk. Writing was my way of diving off into a whole new world that was ever so much more fun than the real world.

You see I was terribly shy. Today I am still shy but have great friends who understand me and don’t tease me when I start to feel uncomfortable meeting new people. So, my writing was the place where I could become unshy and even travel to new worlds where “anything was possible.” So, now I decided after many years of creating stories for adults that I would write a series of books for younger readers. I hope you enjoy them and will come along for the fun.

Melissa G Wilson
Author, MissStories

Mrs. Pink and Me (She is the beautiful woman on the left)

Mrs. Pink is a great muse. She loves to travel and explore the world. She also enjoys learning and growing and considers life a great adventure. In Missstories, Mrs. Pink will share information about her great travels and talk a lot about her love for beetles–not my favorite thing, but she thinks they are great!


Ryan (7 Twin brother of Cole)

Favorite color: red
two favorite foods: Wendy’s cheese burgers and Lou Malnati’s pizza
two thing you like to do for fun: watching tv and running
animal like: elephants
two things great at doing: playing baseball and staying up late

Cole (7 Twin brother of Ryan)
Favorite color: green
two favorite foods: chocolate cake and pizza
two things you like to do for fun: play sports and play video games
animal like: hippos
two things great at doing: eating and playing sports
Brooke: (5, Sister of Cole and Ryan)
Favorite color: magenta
two favorite foods: cake pop and yogurt parfaits
two things you like to do for fun: swim and roller skate
animal like: monkey
two things great at doing: riding a two-wheeler and doing crafts

 Favorite color

Kylie = yellow, Ashley = pink, Lindsey = blue

Favorite food

Kylie = steak & popcorn chicken, Ashley = seafood & biscuits, Lindsey = spaghetti & Italian ice

Two things they enjoy doing

Kylie = sleepovers w/ friends & gymnastics, Ashley = riding her bike & singing, Lindsey = playing w/friends & swimming

Favorite animals

Kylie = meerkats, Ashley = zebras, Lindsey = kittens

Two things they are great at doing

Kylie = basketball & art, Ashley = rock climbing & helping others, Lindsey = dancing & making people laugh

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