A Note from Mrs. Pink

Mrs. Pink is the new Miss Marple who goes zipliing in Peru, collects frogs and giant bugs from around the world, keeping them in cases for display and carries her precious companion, Jocomoli, a miniature mut, around with her wherever she goes. This is the real Mrs. Pink who is my muse for this series I have created called “Miss Stories.” They are history-mystery books for young adults. – MG Wilson, Author of the Miss Stories Series


Dear Children,

It might not come as a surprise to you that a woman of my great age would open a history mystery school, but when you grow older, as I have and I know you will, you will see that creating a legacy that truly embodies something you love dearly, is one of the finest things you can do for the world. Why?

Well, first, the love you put into that body of work is like the love parents can put into a child. It lives and breathes like a living being.

I started my mystery school right after my thirty-fifth birthday. Now, for most of you reading this book, you might see thirty-five as a very, very old age, but many of you have parents that same age. And, my dears, age, as they say, is relative. Imagine mean imagine another forty-five years! Yes. Here I am now just having celebrated my eightieth birthday!

I realize I may look old to you, but, to me, I am still just a young girl who can’t stop thinking about the many mysteries of life. Today many people still love a good mystery. Do you?

To me all of life is a mystery. That’s why I stared my school for young learners like you. Here, we explore the most interesting mysteries—history mysteries. What they you might ask? They are mysteries that have been buried in the past . . . somewhere, some time. But now, now they have been unearthed by someone in the present—someone who has recognized something should be done about the mystery. This person who discovers the mystery contacts me at Pink’s History Mystery School and Agency. I’m Mrs. Pink, founder and owner. Most people would think these mysteries unimportant, not worth exploring again, long gone. But not for the children who work with me. To my school children these old mysteries are exciting—almost magical. The children who help me solve these mysteries are true heroes and heroines of sleuthing.

Because of the generosity of my dear, late husband, Chester Pink the Mattress King, I am now able to provide support to solve these mysteries as they can take more money to solve than most people have. I also use my money to take on special children who have superior sleuthing qualities. There are only a handful of these children I have found, through the years, who are truly gifted.

I hold school only on summer vacations and only take four children as I want to give them the best mentoring possible. They come to my home—my beautiful brownstone my husband Chester Pink and I bought thirty years ago in Chicago. For eight weeks they learn about my “Pink History Mystery Mastery Program.” Once the summer is over they go back to their homes and schools and must share their knowledge with their classmates. So far over one hundred children have learn the method. They have been wonderful mentors to other children I don’t have the time to teach.

The good news is that with the growth of the internet thousands more have been able to learn how to solve mysteries that will help others as they come to “know the truth.” That’s what I say to them, “Find the truth, dear children, to know the truth!” There is not enough emphasis I can give to knowing the truth of any mystery. It is always important to live your live with great curiosity.

So here is my wish for you, dears. Solve better mysteries than I, because, after all, that is what any good parent wishes for their children—to realize even more than they were able to achieve!

Mrs. Pink
July 2012

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